KALINI offers an overall concept for your event. This includes:

At least three venue options, according to your preferences.

Preparation of any promotional materials, invitations, souvenirs and gifts you may need

Organizing transportation services and transfers with new and luxurious buses. During the trip our representatives will ensure that the event participants will feel special.

Optimized hotel check-in. We will provide you with accurate information about the accommodation in the hotel and our representatives will personally welcome the participants of the event.

Organizing gift delivery at the hotel rooms.

Banner placement with the event logo in the lobby, in front of the conference room or elsewhere, according to your requirements.

Organizing the proper conference room chair arrangement according to the event.

Signboard placement, giving directions to the event.

Providing the necessary technical equipment.

Providing a system for simultaneous translation and sound, cabin with microphones and headphones, IR receivers and headphones for the participants, wireless microphones and a person to oversee the proper execution.

Providing high-quality translation services to and from all European languages.

При желание зареждане на залата с минерална вода, кафе и др.

Stocking the conference room with water, coffee, etc.

Providing different options for lunch and dinner.

Creating an evening program for the event – we can arrange a show with different musicians, performers, actors, entertainers and DJs, as well as professional lighting, sound, video and special effects.

During the event you will receive high-quality service from our representatives, who will be with you the entire time. You can turn to them for assistance – they will respond with professionalism and a smile.



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