KALINI has a rich portfolio of team building programs, which gives us the opportunity to adapt different variations of them to your own needs.

  • We examine the profile of your company – number of participants, correlation men-women, average age, etc.
  • We set goals to be achieved and according to them the team building program can be fun, energizing, bonding and motivating event.
  • We achieve maximum results due to the different approach we have and the competitive pricing of our services.

Our team building programs include:

  • Sporting activities and a creative task
  • Team selection on a random principle
  • A setting for a communicative situation, in which the participant choose their own strategy and everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, to contribute, to prove themselves as team players.
  • A combination of sport and intellectual challenges through logical tasks, puzzles and creative elements.

In our different types of team building programs we strive to create a better and more effective team, to inspire communication, collaboration and motivation, which will lead to long-lasting results and effectiveness.
Each one of our team building programs can be adapted according to your own goals and fitting to the event’s budget.
If you have a different idea for a team building event – share it with us and we will come up with an individual program for you!